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Anoa helideck Extension Project

New Helideck on North Side view New Helideck On South Side View First Flight
New Helideck On South Side View New Helideck on North Side view  First Flight

PT. Bakrie Construction completed the Anoa Helideck Extension project for Premier Oil Natuna Sea B.V in the middle of July 2010. 
The modification of Helideck extension carried out on the Anoa Platform in Company’s Anoa complex which is located in the Natuna Sea Province of Kepulauan Riau, Sumatera.

The Basis for the Helideck replacement project is to provide a deck of sufficient size to accommodate aircraft with a D Value up to and including 16.0m.

Services scope of this project was to extend the existing Anoa Helideck, including adding new support structure or strengthening the existing structure as required. Lighting systems, fire protection, access, egress and all outfitting/ equipments/ utilities were added or upgraded to meet CAP 437 requirements.

Design philosophy of this project is to minimize heavy lifts and avoid shutdown requirement where ever possible. The Hellideck was designed and installed in accordance with CAP 437 and all prevailing Indonesian regulations and requirements.