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The health, safety and welfare of all employees is of primary concern to Bakrie Construction management. It is our policy to provide healthy and safe working conditions & practices for all employees throughout its operations. We are under accreditation for certification to OHSAS 18001-2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) under our Bakrie Construction Health & Safety Management System (BC-HSMS) and expect this to be completed by October 2007. We follow International code of practices, regulations (OSHA, NFPA, NIOSH, AS) and procedures and also Indonesian Regulations (UU No. 1, 1970).

Our systems persues Company policies and incorporates maintenance of an OH&S programme which has as its objectives:

  • zero lost time incidents, fatalities;
  • compliance, with all relevant statutory obligations;
  • maintain health and safety competency and integrate health and safety requirements in all aspects of company business;
  • continuous improvement of performance through innovative technology, education,training, supervision and good management practices;
  • employ only those sub-contractors who aspire to the same or exceed the health and safety standards set by Bakrie Construction;
  • promote a positive Health and Safety culture which is based on the principle that all incidents can be prevented;
  • provides an emergency response program far unforeseen events so as to minimize hazards to people, assets and environment. 
Bakrie Construction's safety policy is flexible and can be enhanced to suit the needs of each individual Customer and in this case Bakrie Construction will embrace the particular safety requirements of the Customer into the project documentation and operations as necessary. Bakrie Construction will provide, when practicable, occupational rehabilitation for its employees after injury or illness in the workplace. The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore the injured or ill employee to their fullest physical, mental, social and economic capability such that they can continue to make a positive contribution to their own lives, their families and the organization.
Bakrie Construction recognizes that protection of the natural environment is essential and is an integral part of its operation in both our yard, the Customers workside or Sub-Contractors, Suppliers facilities, workshops, Customer sites and its own sites. It is our policy to secure accreditation within October 2007 to adopt ISO 14001 according to our Bakrie Construction Environment Management System (BC-EMS). In implementing this procedure, we follow International/National codes of practices such as EPA, BAPEDAL (Environment Government Institution), etc.


Bakrie Construction operates a Management System certified by Bureau Veritas for Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008.

For each contract we develop a Project Quality Plan which incorporates the Quality Assurance Manual and a series of project specific procedures, together with organizational detail, job descriptions and the particular quality record forms that will be used for the contract. The Project Quality Plan and associated Inspection and Test Plan therefore define the Quality Management System to be applied in order to satisfy the requirements of the Quality Manual, the International or local Standards and the Customer Specifications. The Plan is formulated from a review of Customer requirements and our own Quality Objectives, which are often set to exceed contractual or regulatory specifications.

Bakrie Construction has a team of permanently employed and qualified welders to ASME IX, AW5 D1.1, API 1104 as well as AS1554:5P. We are aware that quality is a continuous process of improvement. In line with this, we are continuously upgrading our system and controls so to comply with our Policy to meet the objective of Zero Defect in the delivered product.

Customers may to audit our Quality Assurance Management System by appointment and we welcome critical evaluation and comment with respect to of our commitment to quality.